The Center for Medical Weight Loss logoRecent studies show that 68% of Americans are overweight and those numbers are growing steadily. Comments circulate that obesity is a result of laziness and lack of self-control when in fact it is much more complicated of a condition. The truth is we need to treat obesity like a disease. If we focus on the causes of obesity and build a sound plan for combating it, we can help our patients return to a healthy weight. At the Center for Medical Weight Loss, we focus on rebuilding eating habits, not only to help you burn fat and lose weight, but also to help facilitate building solid eating habits and smart decision making so that you achieve a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t require frequent dieting. We offer results that no other commercial program can match since we help you lose weight safely and quickly, and most importantly, keep the weight off permanently. If you have struggled with weight, and want to live a longer healthier life, visit us and experience the personal support of our doctor-supervised weight loss program.

Please visit our Weight Loss Treatments page to find out if doctor-supervised weight loss is for you; there is a helpful Q&A that will answer some commonly asked questions. You can also find helpful information about the nutrient-rich foods and supplements that we offer through The Center for Medical Weight Loss.

We look forward to serving you at CosMedic Skincare & The Center for Medical Weight Loss!