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What Is the Aquagold® Fine Touch™?

Aquagold Fine Touch is a micro-channeling technique used for skin rejuvenation. This innovative technology utilizes 20 stainless steel needles plated with 24-karat gold that are thinner than a human hair. This allows the device to evenly distribute a blend of hyaluronic acid (used in dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM®) and BOTOX® Cosmetic. In addition, micro-channeling techniques are known to stimulate new collagen production to further smooth and plump the skin. Treatment with Aquagold Fine Touch can give you a glowing, youthful complexion.

What Can Aquagold Fine Touch Micro-Channeling Treat?

There are many common cosmetic concerns that can be addressed with Aquagold Fine Touch micro-channeling, including:

Aquagold Fine Touch is often used to treat areas including facial skin, the hands, or the back of the neck. Aquavit Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the manufacturer of Aquagold Fine Touch, is registered with the FDA.

What Can I Expect in the Aquagold Fine Touch Procedure?

Aquagold Fine Touch is a state-of-the-art delivery method for cosmeceuticals or medications through the skin. Known as micro-channeling, this technique can be used to administer injectables that are commonly delivered with a syringe. Since the microneedles are only 600 micrometers (0.6 mm) long, there is typically less discomfort associated with Aquagold Fine Touch when compared to traditional dermal filler or neurotoxin injectables. The device also allows a larger surface area to be treated at once. Micro-channeling treatments with Aquagold Fine Touch can typically be completed within 30 minutes.

What Does Recovery from Aquagold Fine Touch Entail?

Gold is highly biocompatible with human skin. Since the Aquagold Fine Touch needles are coated with pure gold, there is less risk of irritating the skin due to impurities or allergic reactions to other metals. Since the microneedles of the device are thinner and shorter than a typical syringe, there is no pain associated with the procedure. There is also little to no downtime associated with Aquagold Fine Touch micro-channeling, though some patients may experience mild, temporary redness or swelling at the treatment site. Patients can typically return to their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.