CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that can help contour body areas with isolated pockets of fat. CoolSculpting technology utilizes cooling energy to freeze excess fat cells, causing them to break down and be naturally processed out of the body. Patients with stubborn fat deposits that have proven resistant to diet and exercise can often benefit from CoolSculpting, achieving the slimmer, more toned-looking physique they desire. Common areas treated with CoolSculpting include the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and beneath the chin. Please note that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss treatment, and you should be at or near your goal weight to be considered a good candidate for the sculpting procedure.


How Does the CoolSculpting Process Work?

When you come in for your CoolSculpting treatment, a gel pad and applicator will be placed on the area being targeted. Once the device is in place, the system will begin delivering controlled cooling, which may feel cold for the first five to ten minutes. After this initial period, the area should go numb as a process known as cryolipolysis causes the fat cells to crystalize. Throughout the CoolSculpting treatment, fat cells are precisely targeted while the surrounding tissues are not affected.

Once the process is complete, the device will be removed from your body, and the treated area will be gently massaged for about two to three minutes as the tissue warms back up. The entire procedure takes about 35 to 60 minutes per target area. Patients can typically return to their normal routine immediately after their appointment, requiring little to no downtown to recover.


When Will I See My CoolSculpting Results?

You should begin to see the effects of your CoolSculpting treatment after about three weeks, though it can take four to six months for the destroyed fat cells to be processed out of the body via natural processes. As this occurs, you should gradually see a more contoured shape. Since the fat cells are damaged and metabolized, they cannot regenerate. Keep in mind, however, that while these cells cannot return, the remaining cells can change in size. As a result, you should follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain your CoolSculpting results long-term. You may wish to return for follow-up treatments to achieve optimal contouring results.

Cooltone™ by Coolsculpting®

For additional improvement in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, some patients opt to undergo the CoolTone™ procedure in conjunction with their CoolSculpting treatment plan. Created by Allergan®, the maker of CoolSculpting, CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation to strengthen the targeted muscle fibers to improve overall tone and definition in the treatment area.

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How Many CoolSculpting Treatments Are Needed?

Many patients can achieve their desired results from just one or two CoolSculpting treatments. You can expect approximately 20-25% fat reduction in the target area during each session, which typically produces noticeable contouring results. If you have larger pockets of isolated fat, you may want to return for a follow-up CoolSculpting session to further sculpt the trouble area. During your consultation, our team will help you understand what you can realistically expect from your CoolSculpting treatment.

Are There Any Side Effects to CoolSculpting?

Side effects from CoolSculpting are typically mild and temporary, resolving within days or weeks. At the start of the procedure, it is normal to experience sensations of pinching, cold, stinging, and cramping—all of which should fade as the area goes numb. After treatment, you may have some swelling, bruising, aching, and tenderness at the target area. our team will discuss the possible side effects you may encounter, including more rare side effects, to help you make an informed decision about your care.

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

Depending on the number of treatments needed, CoolSculpting tends to cost between $2,000 and $4,000. During your consultation, our team will evaluate your contouring needs and design a personalized treatment plan that can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Based on this plan, our team can provide you with a cost estimate to help you budget for your procedure.

Additional Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting

Is CoolSculpting Covered by Insurance?

CoolSculpting is not usually covered by health insurance providers. This is because it is an elective cosmetic procedure and is not deemed medically necessary. To learn about the coverage offered through your policy, you will need to contact your insurance company for more information.

Does CoolSculpting Hurt?

Patients typically report little to no pain during their CoolSculpting treatment. Since the area being treated is numb throughout the majority of your session, you should be able to relax while the CoolSculpting system works. You may experience sensations of pinching or stinging at the start of your session, but these should quickly fade. Most patients can return to their normal daily activities with minimal discomfort after leaving our office.

How Many Inches Can You Lose with CoolSculpting?

The results achieved with CoolSculpting are not measured in inches, but most patients can expect a reduction of 20-25% of fat in the treatment area. Since every patient will respond differently to CoolSculpting, results will vary from case to case. Although we cannot guarantee how many inches you will be able to lose with CoolSculpting, we can help you understand the sculpting potential of your treatment or series of treatments.

What Happens if I Gain Weight After CoolSculpting?

A major benefit of CoolSculpting is its ability to destroy and remove fat cells with long-lasting results. This fat cannot return or regenerate in the future, even with weight gain. However, the remaining fat cells in the area can shrink or grow with weight fluctuations. This is why it is important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise to maintain the results of your CoolSculpting treatment.

Can I Do CoolSculpting at Home?

As an alternative to the CoolSculpting procedure, some men and women try to perform a “DIY” version of the procedure at home. In addition to being ineffective at causing fat reduction, this do-it-yourself strategy can become dangerous. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared procedure that works through the process of cryolipolysis. The technology precisely cools the target area until the fat cells freeze, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. By attempting this process at home with ice or frozen products, you can end up burning yourself or causing permanent tissue damage. As a result, it is essential that you consult with a qualified medical professional to learn if you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting.