A physician-supervised weight loss program is designed to assess your body’s current condition, modify diet and exercise accordingly, and shed pounds of fat in a safe, effective manner. At CosMedic Skincare, Dr. Jodie Reinertson consults with each prospective patient one-on-one to discuss previous diet attempts, perform a physical examination, and determine if the patient may be suffering from an undiagnosed condition that is contributing to excess weight. Dr. Reinertson believes that obesity should be treated like a disease rather than a result of laziness or lack of self control. Consequently, she assists her patients in rebuilding healthy habits that allow them to live longer and with a higher quality of life.

Each physician-supervised weight loss program is customized for the unique needs of the individual. The management of obesity may include any combination of three major components: behavior modification (examining diet and exercise), meal replacement plans (shakes, protein bars, etc.), and pharmacotherapy (appetite suppressants or
metabolic boosters). Under the supervision of Dr. Reinertson, our patients have lost significant amounts of weight in as little as four weeks. The length of our physician-supervised weight loss programs can be tailored to accommodate your specific goals and expectations.

For more information about physician-supervised weight loss, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Reinertson, please contact us today.