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Weight Loss Products

The key to a healthy weight and productive lifestyle is daily exercise, a positive outlook and most importantly, proper nutrition. As a member of The Center for Medical Weight Loss, we will design a program for you that can include our high-nutrient foods and beneficial health boosting supplements. The food component of meal replacement program is supervised by Dr. Reinertson. Our high nutrient foods and supplements are designed for rapid, safe weight loss. Below is a snapshot of the products and foods we offer to help you reach your goal.

Center for Medical Weight Loss Products

Meal Replacement Ready-Made Shakes

Meal Replacement Powdered Shakes

High-Nutrient Protein Bars (crunchy)

High-Nutrient Protein Bars (chewy)


I need financing, what are my options?

If you are interested in the financing options for our program, please visit the Patient Financing page, which contains information about financing with Care Credit.

What are the details of the weight loss programs?

Please visit the program page for more information about the options available to you.

I had a great experience with Dr. Jodie Reinertson’s medical weight loss program. She is an expert on weight loss. Her program includes a low calorie diet, protein shakes and bars and an appetite suppressant. I reached my goal weight in 9 weeks, losing 20 pounds. At the office visits, Dr. Jodie and staff did several medical tests to monitor me such as an EKG, BMI weight, blood pressure and blood test. It was an excellent program that was easy to follow. The staff was friendly and supportive. I will visit periodically to maintain my new weight without the suppressant. The protein shakes and bars were delicious and I will keep using them.
Libby, Mercer Island, WA January 2011