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September Specials

  • $10 Per Unit Botox
  • Up to $100 Off Kybella
  • 40% Off Laser Hair Removal
  • Back to School Botox Special

    e1b2fefa4556af3e7671ebaef5b9673bIt’s that stressful time of the year as we get ready to take the kids back to school, and gather all of their supplies. Don’t let the stress show on your face! Erase the signs of aging with Botox cosmetic this September. Botox is commonly used to treat the forehead, between the brows, and the crows feet by relaxing your facial muscles and thus turning back the clock.

    $10 Per Unit
    Normally $12 Per Unit

    Say “Goodbye” to your Double Chin

    KybellaPatientPR3BeforeAfter(FrontView)Kybella is the first, and only, FDA approved nonsurgical treatment that improves and contours the appearance of “the double chin.” Results are permanent and patients are loving them. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and find out if you are a candidate for this fantastic treatment.

    Up to $100 off Second Vial of Kybella
    First Vial of Kybella is priced at $600
    Second Vial is priced at $500

    Save on Laser Hair Removal

    Laser-Hair-Removal-Summer1Unwanted facial and body hair is something we can all understand. However, it is not something we need to live with! Laser Hair Removal is the safest and most successful way to remove unwanted hair permanently! Never again suffer from shaving and waxing your legs, your upper lip, or underarms. The list goes on.
    40% Off a Package of 6 Treatments
    Full Hair Reduction is estimated to be 6-8 treatments
    Package prices differ from area to area
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