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July Specials

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off Sculptra
  • $50 Off Hydrafacial MD+
  • Build New Collagen this Summer with Sculptra

    As we age our face loses volume causing us to look “hollow.” With Sculptra Aesthetic we are able to restore the collagen that has been lost over the years, returning your face to a more youthful appearance. Unlike Radiesse and Voluma, and other “fillers” which we use for volume, Sculptra is a pure bio-stimulator that stimulates your own collagen production over time and lasts for two years! The benefits of Sculptra don’t stop at just the face. Don’t forget to ask Dr Reinertson about decolletage and body restoration.

    Buy 1 get the 2nd 50% OFF
    Normally priced at $800 per Vial

    Hydrate and Replenish your Skin with The Hydrafacial MD+

    Utilizing vitamin-rich serums, allowing the skin to be cleansed of dead skin cells, impurities, then bathed in moisture and antioxidants. The infusion of antioxidants is the hydration necessary for healthy radiant skin. Our Hydrafacial is a must for any important event or big date!

    $50 Off 1 Treatment

    Normally priced at $175