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Tinting & Waxing

What is Tinting?

Tinting is a cosmetic service offered for our patients that wish to darken their eyelashes or eyebrows. At CosMedic Skincare we use a vegetable dye that is free of carcinogenic chemicals that you find in many cosmetic tinting dyes.

What is Waxing?

As a complementary service to tinting as well as our other cosmetic services, we offer eyebrow waxing for both men and women.

How long do the treatments take?


Tinting is a quick and easy service for the patient on the go. Most procedures last approximately 20 minutes based on the number of areas being treated.


Similar to tinting, if you are under the pressure of a busy schedule we can get you in and out with freshly shaped eyebrows in less than 30 minutes.

What results can I expect?

Both tinting and waxing provide immediate results. Tinting will last 2-4 weeks based on the care you take when washing your face. Patients that use an intense face wash will inevitably begin to fade sooner than a patient that utilizes a mild face wash or avoids the tinted areas when washing.

For waxing service, most people will receive 3-4 weeks of cleaner, shapelier eyebrows before the new growth reappears. Patients that receive regular eyebrow waxing treatments will notice that with continued treatment, the hair will begin to grow back in reduced concentration.

Is the treatment painful?

Tinting is a pain-free cosmetic procedure that can spruce up your eyelashes and/or eyebrows for a big event or help patients that want to have darker feature without undergoing permanent makeup procedures. Although it is a temporary fix, the results are subtle and natural.
Waxing discomfort varies considerably from patient to patient. It is a unique sensation that fades quickly.

What are the common side effects?

There is the potential for side effects with tinting if you are allergic to any ingredients to the tinting dye. Please consult our medical aestheticians prior to treatment if you have any allergies.

Common side effects for waxing include redness, sensitivity, pinpoint bleeding that fades quickly and swelling. The most common side effect is redness at the treatment site. Redness typically reduces within the hour post treatment but can remain longer for some patients.

This is by no means a complete list of side effects for tinting or waxing services. A complete list of potential side effects is available during your consultation.

What does treatment cost?

Treatment cost will be determined at the time of the consultation. Our medical aestheticians will review your goals and provide a quote for treatment to offer you the best overall value. As well, if you enjoy repeated services at CosMedic Skincare, we can provide you a package discount that will save you money over individually purchased treatments. Inquire with a member of our medical aesthetician staff.