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What is Kybella™?

Kybella™ is an injectable solution composed of deoxycholic acid, which naturally occurs in the body to break down dietary fat. The FDA-approved treatment is the first of its kind, designed to reduce substantial fatty tissue under the chin. By administering the formula into the target area, patients can achieve a slimmer, more contoured neck appearance. This treatment can offer a more desirable profile by eliminating what is commonly known as a “double chin”.

What is Kybella™ used for?

The newly released injectable known as Kybella™ is approved by the FDA to reduce moderate to severe submental fullness (excess fatty tissue under the chin). Patients are typically considered good candidates for the injectable solution if they are 18 years of age or older and are unhappy with a double chin caused by excess fat, as opposed to lax skin or muscles.

The common concern of a double chin was traditionally treated with surgical procedures, like liposuction or a neck lift, but with Kybella™ patients can achieve youthful, contouring results without the need for an invasive procedure.

How long does the treatment take?

While treatment time will vary based on the patient and their specific needs, a typical Kybella™ session takes about 15 to 20 minutes. Since it is relatively quick and is non-surgical, the procedure is performed in the office, making it a convenient solution for a double chin.


What results can I expect?

Following the injectable session, patients typically experience little downtime and should gradually see improvement over time. As the deoxycholic acid is absorbed by the targeted fat cells, a more desirable contour can be seen, especially in the facial profile. For most patients, the manufacturer recommends two to four injectable sessions, spaced about 30 days apart. Results from Kybella™ are long-lasting, even permanent for some individuals.

What does Kybella™ literally do?

When the deoxycholic acid formula is injected into the targeted neck area, fat cells begin to dissolve and will gradually leave the body through metabolic processes. This method of contouring has shown to improve the often unwanted appearance of a double chin.

Is the injection painful?

Our team is committed to patient comfort and safety, which is why we utilize a very fine needle to inject the Kybella™ solution. This allows for minimal discomfort, though patients can still opt for numbing of the area prior to treatment.

What are the common side effects of treatment?

Side effects from Kybella™ are typically mild. Patients may experience slight swelling, bruising, and potential numbness at the injection sites. These are all temporary and should resolve within a few days to a week.

For more information about Kybella™ injections and how it can improve the appearance of a double chin, please contact us to schedule an appointment.