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What is IPL or Photo-rejuvenation, and why NOW?

What is IPL?
IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or also commonly called Photofacial, is used for:

  1. Skin imperfections caused by the sun, such as age spots, freckles, and brown “blotches”.
  2. Reducing rosacea (redness), spider veins or dilated blood vessels.
  3. Stimulating collagen, which improves skin texture and tone.

Most commonly, I use IPL on the face, neck, chest and hands.

The laser works by emitting a range of light rays which target hemoglobin (the red blood cells in the blood vessels) or melanin (the brown pigment in the age spots). This light is absorbed and results in damage to the blood vessel wall, or fragmenting the melanin. These vessels and pigment are then absorbed by the body.

Why NOW?

Because the IPL targets melanin, we cannot do this procedure on “tanned” skin. Winter is typically the best time for most patients. Self-tanner must also be avoided for 2-4 weeks prior to treatment.

There is generally no downtime. You may experience mild swelling, redness or a darkening of the brown spots. The dark spots generally look darker for 3-7 days and then gradually clear.

It takes 3-5 treatments depending on your skin and the level of correction needed. Treatments are performed every 4-6 weeks. Using highly experienced technicians is a must for this procedure. After a consultation we will make a recommendation based on your skin type and concerns.

-Dr. Jodie

Radiesse, The Volumizing Filler

FDA approved Radiesse is a non-surgical treatment that can be performed as simple injection during an office visit.
Formation of lines and creases are a natural part of living and aging. As we age we loose collagen, muscle, and bone therefor our tissues begin to break down. Lines can also result from years of smiling, frowning, squinting, or smoking. These “marks of maturity” can be dramatically minimized by injecting Radiesse to the effected area.
Radiesse is a new generation of volumizing fillers. As it is injected it builds up the tissue of the face providing an immediate “lift,” while also having the benefit of long term effects.
Radiesse is made of very tiny smooth Calcium Hydroxyapatite microspheres. It is very similar to the constitution of teeth and bone. These microspheres form a lattice beneath the skin through which your own collagen begins to grow.
Radiesse can be used effectively as an alternative to surgery for facial countering. I use this to add counter and lift to the cheek bones, in the folds between the nose and mouth, (nasal labial folds)frown lines, and to create a more pronounced jaw line, or even an injectable chin implant. Radiesse in combination with Botox for the forehead and brow region can give an instant “face lift.” Most patients do not need anesthetic, and their is minimal discomfort with the injection as with any injection. Bruising or swelling may result, but typically there is minimal down time. Allowing you to comfortably return to normal activity after your injection.
Although everyone is different I find that Raidesse lasts up to a year. In experienced hands you should look better but not “over done.” My patients come back again, and again, and love the look and duration of this product. It is a dermal filler that I absolutely love working with!

DEKA Smatcide DOT: Fractionated Carbon Dioxide CO2 Laser

The DOT is one of the latest advances in skin rejuvenation. The DOT stands for Dermal Optic Thermolosys. The DOT pixalates the CO2 laser beam into thousands of tiny shafts of light. This light penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin. The settings can be adjusted for superficial or deeper penetration. As the skin repairs itself it replaces these tiny holes from the shafts of light with new skin. The heat also tightens existing collagen and help stimulate the growth of new collagen.
The DOT excels at treating deeper wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars, and textural changes from sun damage. It is also effective in treating actinic keratosis, which are small precancerous growths.
I highly recommend treating the decollete;however, this area is more sensitive, with thinner skin, and I will not treat as aggressively as the face. The DOT also works well for crepey skin below and above the eyes.
The CO2 laser is best for patients with moderate to deep facial wrinkles, sun damage, or moderate to severe acne scaring.
The DOT may be customized to meet the specific concerns and sensitivity of each patient. Deeper treatments will require more healing or “downtime” than more superficial treatments. With either a more aggressive or a lighter treatment, you will see great results after your skin heals (3-14 days). Full results can take up to 6 months, as new collagen is being stimulated for a full 6 months after treatment.
I would love to speak with anyone interested in our CO2 laser treatment for a complimentary consultation. Give us a call at 206.622.6444, we are open five days a week, and my schedule is rather flexible.

Acne Treatment to Help Seattle Patients Prepare for the Holidays

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Seattle Skin Care Specialist Dr. Jodie Reinertson on how to treat acne in preparation for holiday parties and the new year.

Seattle, WA – Dr. Jodie Reinertson, a practitioner of skin care in Seattle, wants to make sure patients are informed about acne treatment trends for the upcoming holiday season. CosMedic Skincare, Dr. Reinertson’s practice, offers patients a wide variety of treatments from chemical peels and Microdermabrasion, to deep pore cleansing and resurfacing for acne scars. Additionally, Dr. Reinertson delivers individualized care for acne and other skin ailments, providing an alternative to over-the-counter products and prescription treatments.

While many teens and their parents know about widely advertised oral and topical medications, Dr. Reinertson and CosMedic Skincare give patients another option. Isolaz Therapy for acne is an FDA-approved technique that utilizes a combination of broadband light and suction through a system called Photopneumatic Technology. The treatment system offers deep pore purification to clean pores from the inside out.

During Isolaz Therapy, a handheld device is placed on the surface of the troubled skin. The device contains a small vacuum that gently lifts acne-causing impurities to the surface of the skin, including these common patient concerns:

  • Dirt
  • Blackheads
  • Dead skin cells
  • Excess oil from deep within the pores

During the next stage of the therapy, a broadband light both destroys acne-causing bacteria and sloughs oils and dead cells away from the skin. After the acne treatment, the skin is left healthier, clearer, and cleaner.

Isolaz Therapy is best used to treat mild or moderate acne. Pustular acne (pimples), comedonal acne (non-inflammatory acne), and mild acne vulgaris (inflammatory acne) can all be targeted by the treatment, and the treatment is suitable for all skin types. The Seattle skin care specialist also believes that Isolaz Therapy is a popular alternative to traditional treatments since the process takes a natural approach and does not involve medication or prescription drugs. In addition, she adds that a majority of patients who have not had success with traditional treatments show a reduction of acne after Isolaz Therapy.

In regards to results surfacing, Dr. Reinertson says patients typically begin to see improvements in their acne between two to six weeks depending on the individual and the severity of the acne. She adds that she believes the holiday season is the perfect time of year to begin treatment, as sun exposure is generally not an issue during the late fall to winter months.

About Jodie Reinertson, MD

After graduating from Boston University, Dr. Jodie Reinertson earned her medical degree at St. George’s University School of Medicine. She is an active member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine, and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, among other prestigious medical organizations. Dr. Reinertson has more than 25 years of medical experience, and she continuously strives to utilize the latest, most advanced technologies and techniques her field has to offer.

Dr. Reinertson is available for interview upon request.

To contact the CosMedic Skincare, visit their website at or call 206-662-6444. The center’s office is located at 901 Boren Avenue, Suite1900, Seattle, WA 98104. The center’s Facebook page can be found at

What is Sculptra?

Recently I have been getting a growing number of questions regarding Sculptra, an injectable that I am very passionate about. In this quarter’s blog I wish to answer some of the questions you may have about Sculptra Aesthetics, starting with what is Sculptra?
Sculptra is a synthetic lactic acid injectable that fills out wrinkles or areas of volume loss within the face. It stimulates natural collagen production to restore youthfulness and softens your skin. In my experience it is best used for hollow cheeks, hollow temples, nasolabial folds, (lines from our nose to our mouth) and for defining the jaw line.
Sculptra will add volume to the face and give some “lift” without making you look overdone. The decision between Radiesse and other hyaluronic fillers and Sculptra, usually comes down to the age of the patient, the desired appearance, and maintenance. I really enjoy using Radiesse or Juvederm to restore volume but sometimes too much “filler” in the front of your face can have that “cosmetically done” appearance. Often the best results come with a combination of Sculptra and hyaluronic fillers. Treating different areas with different products, for a natural and beautiful replacement of volume and contour.
Sculptra will last 2 years or more in the most patients. I typically inject Sculptra every 4-6 weeks, with a total of 2-5 treatments, depending on the amount of volume loss. It can take between 4 and 6 weeks to form enough collagen to see a visible difference. Many of my patients love that the effects are gradual, making them appear more refreshed as time goes on, rather than having a sudden, or “drastic” change.
Sculptra has been used in the United States and Europe since 1999, and I have personally been injecting Sculptra since 2003. I have had multiple trainings in injection technique most recently by Dr Ulegger, from Switzerland. He has treated over 8,000 patients with very few problems, all of which were temporary. The most common problem with Sculptra are “bumps,” though increasingly less common as the product has been reformulated with smaller smoother particles.
A consultation is required before any treatment. I will assess your face and evaluate whether; Radiesse, Juvederm, or Sculptra would suit your face. Then we will plan a course of treatments that would work best for you, and of course for your budget. At CosMedic Skincare I will be the only one to perform your injections. I will be happy to answer anyone’s questions or concerns, regarding Sculptra that were not answered here, during a complimentary consultation.

I hope to see you in my downtown office soon!

Dr Jodie Reinertson

Seattle Cosmetic Dermatology Practice Says Understanding One’s Skin is Vital to Its Beauty

Cosmetic Dermatology, Seattle WA, Acne Treatment, Botox

Seattle, WA — While many beauty products claim to be the cure for all patient needs, Dr. Jodie Reinertson and her center for cosmetic dermatology in Seattle says skin care is often not as simple as one “quick-fix” remedy. Dr. Reinertson says revealing radiant, youthful skin requires a complex knowledge of the intricacies and delicacies of the different layers of one’s skin, as well as a comprehensive treatment designed to address each concern. She says patients must understand that skin care is not necessarily the process of choosing one treatment over the other, but of dissecting the individual parts of each aspect of dermal rejuvenation to find an overall harmonious balance.

Affecting over 40 to 50 million Americans and 85% of all people at some point in their lives, acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States according to the most recent statistics from the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). While Dr. Reinertson confirms the prevalence of acne at her Seattle cosmetic dermatology practice and says it is often one of the most requested treatments, she says there are a host of other skin conditions patients typically do not think of that can cause bothersome discomfort or lack of confidence. She says by breaking down the layers of the skin, she can recommend the proper treatment to help alleviate a wide range of patient concerns.

[Quote Requests: What are the most common requests you get at your practice and why is it important to have a vast knowledge of the skin’s structure to help address those concerns?]

Thinner than a sheet of tissue paper, the epidermis is the top layer of skin, giving it color and glow. Dr. Reinertson says this area often exhibits some of the most obvious signs of aging as skin cells do not slough off as quickly and begin looking blotchy and dull. She says patients at her practice typically complain of brown spots, uneven pigmentation, clogged pores, and bumps when the epidermal layer is involved. She says her treatment recommendations for conditions affecting the epidermis include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, retinoids and sunscreen, or acne treatment in Seattle.

Beneath the epidermis is a thick layer of densely meshed collagen, blood vessels, and elastin called the dermis. Because collagen and elastic tissues break down over time, Dr. Reinertson says skin loses its firmness and supple texture as the body ages. She says various treatments such as DOT laser therapy, dermal injections, or photofacials can help counteract the effects of natural aging to keep skin rejuvenated and refreshed.

The deepest layer of skin tissue lies underneath the dermis and is composed of sheets of fat and muscle. Dr. Reinertson says gravity and excess fat contribute largely to problem areas of the subcutaneous tissue, creating a dimpled or sagging appearance. She also says habitual facial expressions can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, while fat deposits can make patients feel uncomfortable with their bodies. Thanks to effective advancements in cosmetic procedures, Dr. Reinertson says procedures such as CoolSculpting® can remove troublesome fat beneath skin and create a smoother, tighter appearance. She also says undergoing BOTOX in Seattle will relax the facial muscles and help firm skin for a more youthful look. In fact, a study conducted in 2008 by a private research firm showed that BOTOX® injections were found to substantially improve patients’ lives. The study reported that 29% of patients felt less anxious, 36% felt more relaxed, and 49% were more optimistic following their treatment.

[Quote Request: How can treatments like BOTOX and other dermal products help patients achieve radiant, beautiful skin?]

Regardless of which treatment is determined to be best for helping patients achieve their goals, Dr. Reinertson says consulting with the proper medical professional is essential for achieving the best results. She says patients should be sure to research their practice extensively before undergoing any procedure, and encourages them to extensively research all options. Dr. Reinertson adds that partnering with an experienced cosmetic dermatology practice can help patients find a comprehensive plan for revealing the natural beauty of their skin.

[Quote Request: What is the most important thing for patients to consider when choosing a practice and a treatment for their skin care needs?]

About Jodie Reinertson, MD

Dr. Jodie Reinertson earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University and her medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine, where she graduated with honors. She also completed a Fellowship in Ultrasound, an Internship in Family Medicine, and a Residency in Radiology at the Albany Medical College and Medical Center Hospital. With over 25 years of medical knowledge and experience, Dr. Reinertson is a member of the International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology, the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, and several other professional organizations.

Located at 901 Boren Avenue Suite 1900 in Seattle, WA, Dr. Reinertson’s practice can be reached at (206) 622-6444. She can also be contacted online via the website or the CosMedic Skincare Facebook page.

Understanding Your Skin

Overwhelmed by the ever-expanding cosmetic treatments, wondering what to choose and what to do? Put your mind to rest, and relax. It is not so much a process of choosing one treatment over the other, but of understanding how each targets different aspects of rejuvenation and how, eventually, the combination of treatments connect to a comprehensive balance of overall rejuvenation.

Dr Reinertson notices that we often tend to focus on one area that particularly bothers us, such as a certain wrinkle, a scar, or an in-grown hair. We can correct and treat these details but Dr Reinertson wants us to remember that it is as equally important to strive to an overall balance, or as the ancient Egyptians taught us, to seek “divine proportions.”

To help put things in perspective, this page will explain how our skin is structured and how our skin ages. Keep in mind that all layers are connected and each needs to be treated for a comprehensive, balanced approach to skin rejuvenation.

Thinner than a sheet of tissue paper, our skin’s first layer gives our skin color and glow. As we age and are exposed to the sun, our skin cells do not slough off as quickly, making our skin look blotchy and dull. The results from this may lead to brown spots, uneven pigmentation, clogged pores and bumps.
Recommended Treatments for Rejuvenation
Peels and Microdermabrasion- exfoliate and remove the buildup of dead skin cells, stimulation the regeneration of new skin for a fresh and healthy glow.
Cosmoseuticals-retinoids and sunscreen.
D.O.T.- refines and retextures skin on the surface while stimulating collagen.

The Dermis contains a dense meshwork of collagen, blood vessels and elastin. As we age our collagen and elastic tissues break down, making our skin less firm and supple. Our capillaries lost elasticity and stay dilated leading to broken capillaries and rosacea.
Recommended Treatments for Rejuvenation
Filler Injections- lift and plump up undesirable wrinkles with Juvederm or Radiesse to give you a more youthful appearance.
D.O.T.- refines and retextures skin on the surface while stimulating collagen.
Photo Facial- laser treatments that stimulates collagen, smoothing and firming the skin. Treatments also remove redness and lighten brown spot pigmentation.

Under the dermis and epidermis is a tissue composed mainly of fat. Fat keeps our skin plump and smooth. In certain areas of the body, namely the outer thighs and buttocks is more common in woman.
Recommended Treatments for Rejuvenation
CoolLipo-laser guided Liposuction that has a fraction of the healing time of standard Liposuction.

As we age, habitual facial expressions lead to defined lines around the eyes (crow’s feet) forehead and mouth. The pull of gravity also causes other muscles to sag, most noticeably in the jaw, cheeks, and neck region.
Recommended Treatments for Rejuvenation
Botox-injections that relax the muscles and firm skin for a smooth unwrinkled look.
Filler Injections- lift and plump up undesirable wrinkles with Juvederm or Radiesse to give you a more youthful appearance.
Topical Hyaluronic Acid-plumps and firms the skin.

Interspersed throughout these layers of skin are hair follicles, where their roots lie deep within the dermis. The aging process and fluctuation of hormones can influence the growth or thinning of hair.
Recommended Treatments for Rejuvenation
Laser Hair Removal-removes unwanted hair from all parts of the body.

Welcome to our New Website

Welcome to the new and highly interactive website for CosMedic Skincare and The Center for Medical Weight Loss. We have geared our new website to be highly educational for our patients and visitors considering joining us for their anti-aging, acne, pigment, and weight-loss concerns. Our website is packed full of information, fantastic new treatment options and includes various programs to help you save money on your services with us. Please take some time to explore the wealth of options available to you at CosMedic Skincare and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.